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The QuintilesIMS Institute in Asia

The Asia Branch of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, with the support of IMS Health Asia, will encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors to deliver objective, relevant insights and research to advance the region’s health agenda. This is a new initiative to develop local partnerships with leading universities, research institutions, development agencies and the government to reinforce the value of information and analytics in decision-making across a range of healthcare issues in Asia.

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life Sciences Webinars Library from IMS Health

IMS Health offers a wealth of webinars on pharmaceutical, healthcare and life sciences industry trends and insights. Click on any link to hear the recording.

Healthcare Research from IMS Health Services Research Network (HSRN)

The IMS Health Services Research Network (HSRN) comprises researchers conducting relevant studies to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

Healthcare Informatics from QuintilesIMS Institute China

QuintilesIMS Institute of China shares healthcare informatics across a range of healthcare issues throughout China's rapidly developing market.

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