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Real World Evidence Solutions

Learn how tailored real world evidence solutions can meet your specific healthcare industry research, sales and marketing needs.

Primary Market Research & Intelligence

IMS Health's Primary Intelligence offers solutions that are fast, efficient and drive better performance at a lower cost.

Pharmaceutical Business Process Outsourcing

Make outsourcing work for you with IMS Health outsourcing services. We offer a single point of contact to leverage all of IMS Health's resources.

Launch & Brand Excellence

Effectively plan for a successful launch by understanding longer-term trends and recent market dynamics. Work with a recognized industry leader in launch expertise. We have been involved in over 150 product launches and understand what it takes to successfully launch a brand globally, and will help ensure that all five drivers of product uptake are addressed during launch preparation and execution.

Pharmaceutical Strategy and Management Consulting from IMS Consulting

Learn how IMS Consulting Group helps clients succeed in one of the world's most important industries: healthcare.

Real World Data

Learn more about IMS Health's Real World Data portfolio and bring the right real world data for your research needs.

Payer, Provider and Government Solutions

All types of health plans and providers including employers, governments & commissioners require accurate information critical to healthcare quality.

Therapy Areas

Expertise Across Various Therapeutic Areas and Answer complex questions leveraging our expertise across various therapeutic areas.

Technology-Enabled Analytics

Having the right RWD is only a start. You need to be able to access it when you want it for the applications you need, and generate real insights that are consistent across functions. IMS Health makes this possible with New technology and analytic services and Enriched patient-level insights via data linkage

Consumer Healthcare Market

Protect and grow your marketshare through the consumer healthcare market. Enhance your brand and expand into new markets.

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